Contact the AALA Committee

the Executive Committee:

  • Chairperson, Ari U.

    Chairperson, Ari U.

  • Treasurer, Steven C.

    AALA Treasurer, Steven C.

  • Secretary, Frazier M.

    AALA Secretary, Frazier M.

  • AA-Advisor, Brian S.

    AA-Advisor, Brian S.

the Committee:

  • Activities, Paulo G.

    AALA Activities, Paulo G.

  • Archives/Hospitality, Ernesto A.

    AALA Archives/Hospitality, Ernesto A.

  • Al Anon Liaison – Candita R.

    Al Anon Liaison - Candita R.

  • Banquet, Darren M.

    AALA Banquet, Darren M.

  • Commemoratives, Carlos C.

    AALA Commemoratives, Carlos C.

  • Entertainment, Eric S.

    AALA Entertainment, Eric S.

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  • Fundraising – Michael B.

    AALA Fundraising - Michael B.

  • Graphics, Amy S.

    AALA Graphics, Amy S.

  • Newcomer Liaison – Joey G.

    AALA Newcomer Liaison - Joey G.

  • Program, Candita R.

    AALA Program, Candita R.

  • Publicity, Andrew G.

    AALA Publicity, Andrew G.

  • Raffle – Michael B.

    AALA Raffle - Michael B.

  • Registration AALA 2021

    AALA Registration

  • Security, Carole S.

    AALA Security, Carole S.

  • Volunteers – Rusti B.

    AALA Volunteers - Rusti B.

  • Webmaster (link updates only)

    Webmaster (for broken links only)

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